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Freedom of Body and Mind

Yoga in nature of Bohinj

Yoga in the nature of Bohinj will fill you with primal energy and give you a sense of calm and inner peace. Yoga is practised at carefully selected points, accompanied by magnificent views of the beauty of the Triglav National Park and surrounded by relaxing elements of nature.

The morning song of the birds, the touch of the earth, the aerosols of the endless forests, the tinkle of the water awaken forgotten dimensions of the body and challenge us to find new balance. In a simple Bohinj way, they evoke memories of a time when we still lived in harmony with nature.

The practice is led by internationally certified yoga and meditation instructor Tamara Dobravec, an environmental technologist by profession, who combines a love of nature, movement and simplicity in her lifestyle. She believes that nature has the power to heal and always gives us what we need most. You are welcome to join guided group practices or book an individual yoga class to suit your taste.

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