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O nas: Our Team

Tamara Dobravec

Yoga teacher

I am an internationally certified teacher of yoga and meditation, who combines a love of nature, yoga and simplicity in her lifestyle. After graduating from the Faculty of Environmental Sciences, my path took me to Asia, where I first encountered yoga. At the time, this ancient practice was primarily about physical exercise. Soon, however, my desire to know and understand this practice deepened, and after two years of regular practice, I attended a 200-hour teacher’s course in hatha yoga and meditation at Yogdham School in Rishikesh, India. After a year of teaching, I became interested in more dynamic styles of yoga and in 2017 I completed another 300 hours of training as a yoga teacher at Agniyoga Studio in Ljubljana with a focus on hatha and vinyasa / flow yoga. Currently teaching different styles yoga in Bohinj and Sorica. In the warm part of the year, I can't wait to move out on the grass with my yoga pillow - to embrace nature.

2015: 200 hour course for traditional yoga and meditation teacher, Yogdham Rishikesh, India
2015: Meditation course with Katja Cesar, Infinite creation
2017: 300 hour course  for hatha and vinyasa yoga teacher, Agniyoga studio
2020: Introductory Mindfulness Program, Mindfulness Development Society
2020: Yogasanas, Isha yoga Ljubljana

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